A well-made bed is how you express your state of mind to everyone, organised and clean. Fitted sheets are the pre-cursor to this polished look. These sheets are made to cover the entirety of the mattress on a bed. They fit the contours of the mattress and have elastic stitched on to the hem of the borders. The corners are sewn in such a way that there is no extra linen left hanging giving your bed a sophisticated finish.

A well-fitted sheet can also make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a rough night. Sheets that keep coming out, wrap around your legs, and are constantly getting in the way make sleeping bothersome. A sheet that fits snugly to the mattress solves all these problems. So invest in a few fitted sheets and get a restful slumber.

And lastly, if you are a parent, you’ll value fitted sheets even more. For a house with kids, it’s a must have for your kids and their bedrooms. While kids indulge in mischief, making their beds their playgrounds, the fitted sheets promise not to spoil the fun for mothers. It’s the only way to keep sheets intact and always crisp..

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